Privacy Policy

Seiwa Giken Co ,Ltd respects the privacy of its customers and is strongly aware of our social responsibility to protect their personal information. We work to protect any such information we receive, e.g. from inquiries to our website, based on the following policy.

1.Purpose for Use of Personal Information
Personal information from our customers is used for replying to their queries and for improving our services through their comments or advice.
2. Management of Personal Information
The personal information of our customers is managed adequately to prevent its misuse, illegal access to it, loss, modification or leakage.
3. Customer Inquiries on Personal Information
When Seiwa Giken Co ,Ltd receives requests from customers for the confirmation, modification, update or deletion of their own personal information, we respect the customer’s desires and comply as far as possible within reason.
4. Compliance with Laws
Seiwa Giken Co ,Ltd handles and manages personal information received from our customers in accordance with the laws on the protection of personal information.
5. Inquiries
If customers wish to review or change the personal information they have provided to us, or if they make any other sort of inquiry, Seiwa Giken Co ,Ltd responds to such properly in accordance with prescribed methods. Requests to disclose, correct or end the use of such information will involve procedures to ensure that the person making the request is the correct individual. In addition, all requests or inquiries from a person matching the name and email address in our database will be treated as coming from that person.

August 31, 2013 Seiwa Giken Co ,Ltd.